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DESCRIPTION🌟 Doctor Faustus of Hydra uses a twist of dark magic and science to raise Lilith, Mother of Demons from her eternal slumber; resulting in an alliance between her and Hydra. Within the following six months, Lilith’s presence destabilizes the fabric of magic. Doctor Strange and Iron Man try to recruit Johnny Blaze, but are refused; prompting them to return to the Sanctum, where Wanda Maximoff is training. Captain Marvel joins them, just as Hydra goons arrive via magic; followed by Lilith. Lillith is distracted by Wanda’s similar magic, just as Strange manages to repel her and put a mystic barrier around the Sanctum. Knowing they are no match for Lilith, Strange decides to seek help at The Abbey with the others, leaving Wanda to maintain the barrier. This leads to a brief standoff with the Midnight Suns (Nico Minoru, Blade, Magik and Ghost Rider V), until Caretaker (Lilith’s estranged sister) defuses the situation. Strange intends to raise the Hunter, Lilith’s forsaken child and the one who sealed her before. However, something goes awry due to a collar the Hunter is wearing, forcing Nico to use her magic to complete the resurrection. With her demonic forces and Hydra not enough to counter the heroes, Lilith begins to brainwash and enhance other superpowered beings into her enforcers “the Fallen”.

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