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They Call Me Trinity, Spaghetti Western Film English Full HD

WESTERN, English, Full Length Spaghetti Western Film, Full Movie: They Call Me Trinity (Italian: Lo chiamavano Trinità…) is a 1970 Italian Spaghetti Western comedy film written and directed by Enzo Barboni (under the pseudonym of E.B. Clucher) and produced by Italo Zingarelli. The film stars Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as two brothers, Trinity and Bambino, who help defend a Mormon settlement from Mexican bandits and the henchman of the land-grabbing Major Harriman. It was filmed on location in Lazio, Italy, with financial backing from West Film. In order to protect a group of Mormons from Mexican bandidos, two brothers are forced to convert in this comedic spoof of spaghetti westerns. Trinity is Still My Name is the title of the sequel. A lazy, unorthodox gunfighter and his portly, horse-thieving brother defend a Mormon settlement from a land-grabbing Major, a Mexican bandit, and their henchmen. Director: Enzo Barboni (as E.B. Clucher) Writers: Enzo Barboni (story and screenplay) (as E.B. Clucher), Gene Luotto (dialogue) Stars: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Steffen Zacharias Also Known As (AKA): (original title) Lo chiamavano Trinità… Argentina Me llaman Trinity Brazil Trinity é o Meu Nome Brazil (alternative title) Eles Me Chamam Trinity Brazil (alternative spelling) Chamam-me Trinity Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Наричат ме Света Троица Canada (English title) They Call Me Trinity Chile Mi nombre es Trinity Czech Republic Pravá a levá ruka d’ábla Czechoslovakia Pravá a levá ruka d’ábla Denmark De kalder mig Trinity Finland (Swedish title) Dom kallar mig Trinity – djävulens högra hand Finland Nimeni on Trinity – paholaisen oikea käsi France On l’appelle Trinita Germany Die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Itan skliros kai ton elegan Trinita Greece (reissue title) To onoma mas einai ‘Trinita’ Greece (reissue title) To onoma mou einai Trinita Greece Ήταν Σκληρός και τον Έλεγαν Τρινιτά Greece Το Όνομά μου Είναι Τρινιτά Hong Kong (Cantonese title) Lo fu lat sou Hong Kong (Mandarin title) Lao fu shuai xu Hungary Az ördög jobb és bal keze Ireland (English title) They Call Me Trinity Italy Lo chiamavano Trinità… Japan Fûraibô/Hana to yûhi to raifuru to… Netherlands (informal literal title) De linker- en de rechterhand van de duivel Norway Trinity – Djevelens høyre hånd Norway (TV title) De kaller meg Trinity Peru Me llaman Trinity Philippines (English title) Just Call Me Trinity Portugal Trinitá – Cowboy Insolente Romania Mi se spune Trinity Slovakia Pravá a l’avá ruka diabla Slovenia Moz po imenu Trinita Slovenia Ime mi je Trinita Slovenia (reissue title) Trojica Soviet Union (Russian title) Меня зовут Троица Spain Le llamaban Trinidad Sweden Dom kallar mej Trinity – djävulens högra hand Sweden (TV title) Trinity – Djävulens högra hand Taiwan Da ye liang diao lung Turkey (Turkish title) Trinita Ukraine Його звали Трiйця UK They Call Me Trinity USA My Name Is Trinity USA They Call Me Trinity Venezuela Me llaman Trinity West Germany Die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels World-wide (English title) They Call Me Trinity Yugoslavia (Serbian title) Covjek zvani Trinita Yugoslavia (Macedonian title) Covekot narecen Trinita.

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